To reflect onthe on-going expansion of knowledge within the field of medical genetics this online guide for the public and health care professionals has been developed. The purpose is to provide reliable and easily accessible information on a wide variety of genetic related topics.

This site contains information on the following:

Easy to understand basic genetic concepts
List of genetic centres within Ontario
List of specific genetic services within Ontario
Online links to various genetic-related areas of popular interest
Current news and exciting discoveries from within the field of medical genetics

Posted November 14, 2014 - Have you Purchased an Online Genetic Test or Considered Buying One?

Researchers in the Psychology Department at the University of Guelph are conducting a study exploring people’s experiences with online genetic testing (e.g. paternity tests, finding out your chances of getting cancer, researching your ancestry). These are tests of a genetic sample that you buy directly from a company rather than ordering them through your doctor.

You are invited to participate if you have ever bought or considered buying a genetic test directly from a company. You will be entered into a draw for one of two iPads (approx. $500 value) as thanks for your time (chances of winning are roughly 1 in 100). The online survey takes only 15-20 minutes of your time.

Link to Survey

Genetic Services in Ontario

Medical Genetics
Genetic Counselling
Genetic Screening
Genetic Testing

Genetic Centres in Ontario

Directions to Genetic Clinics Within Ontario


Understanding Genetics
Information on Basic Genetic Concepts

Basic Genetics, Genes and Chromosomes, Karyotype, Chromosome Abnormalities, Genetic Conditions

Benefits of Genetic Services

How an individual or family members can benefit from seeing a geneticist or genetic counsellor

Reasons for Referal to a Genetics Clinic

General Genetics
Prenatal Genetics
Metabolic Genetics
Cancer Genetics

Links of Interest

Prenatal Resources

Prenatal Guide for Women
(pdf file)

Reference Guide for Healthcare Providers
(pdf file)

Prenatal Screening Ontario - Information for prenatal screening options in Ontario

Newborn Screening Resources

Newborn Screening Ontario -
Fact sheets for disorders in the newly expanded Ontario Newborn Screening Program

Ontario Newborn Screening Program - Information for parents and health care providers about the expanded newborn screening program in Ontario

Other Resources

March of Dimes
- Online resources for genetic disorders

Canadian Directory of Genetic Support Groups
- Online directory of support groups for genetic disorders

Paternity Testing - List of private laboratories offering paternity testing

Smoking Cessation


Freedom From Smoking

Quit Smoking Community

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